Lesson Rates & Scheduling

Please Note: All first-time riders are required to have an introductory lesson. This aids in proper placement of the student in the lesson program. This hour long lesson will include catching your horse, grooming and tacking, as well as riding and untacking. It’s important that our riders learn to be good horsemen and women not only in the saddle, but on the ground as well.

Children who have no riding experience will be started in individual sessions for the first month. After the first month, the student will be placed in a small group with others of similar experience and ability. If the parents wish to continue private lessons after the first month, they will be charged at the private lesson rate.

All lesson packages must be used up within 35 days of purchase date. If you do not wish to ride weekly, lessons must be bought in singles.

Please do not purchase a group lesson without prior authorization from your instructor. We want to ensure you are placed in a group consistent with your skill and comfort level.

Introductory Lesson (Private) $70 Schedule
1 Hr. Group Lesson $55 Schedule
 45 Min. Private Lesson $65 Schedule
 Beginner Child (ages 4-6) 30 min. Lesson $40 Schedule
*(Note: purchased individually, to be scheduled through Acuity Scheduling)
1 Month 4 Group 1 Hr. Lessons $200 Schedule
1 Month Half/Half (2 Private/2 Group) Lessons $212.25 Schedule
1 Month 4 Private 45 Min. Lessons $225 Schedule
1 Month 8 Group 1 Hr. Lessons $380 Schedule
1 Month 8 Half/Half (4 Private/4 Group) Lessons $425 Schedule
1 Month 8 Private 45 Min. Lessons $430 Schedule
 Beginner Child (ages 4-6) 4 Group 30 min. Lessons $160 Schedule
  FARM ACTIVITIES – Call to Schedule 817-883-0022
Pony Rides (1 rider – 30 minutes)Pony Rides (2 riders – 45 minutes)Pony Rides (3 riders – 1 hour $40$60$80 Call to Schedule: 817-883-0022
Toddler Corral – Family of 4 $45 Schedule
Introductory Lesson (Private) Required for first time students. $70 Schedule
45 Min. Private Therapeutic Riding Lesson $65 Schedule
1 Hr. Group Lesson Therapeutic Riding $55 Schedule