Lesson Rates & Scheduling

Please Note: All students riding for the first time at our facility are required to have an Introductory Evaluation Lesson. We assess both horsemanship as well as riding skills during the first lesson. This aids the instructor in helping the student to reach their riding goals and to place them properly in the lesson program.

After the initial lesson, if you choose to participate as a student with us, we expect you to commit to a program of weekly riding lessons. We ask for this level of commitment as we believe that it is most conducive to student progress. In order to make our services available to you, we ask for and appreciate your consistent support.

All lesson packages must be used up within 35 days of purchase date.

Please do not sign up for a group lesson without prior authorization from your instructor. We want to ensure you are placed in a group consistent with your skill and comfort level. Your instructor will work with you to find an appropriate group for you to join.

 Schedule Link


(Required New Students)

$70 Schedule
Note: the links will take you to the purchase section where you can choose English or Western Riding


4 Private Lessons (45 mins) $250 Schedule
8 Private Lessons $480 Schedule
4 Half/Half (2 Private Lessons + 2 Group Lessons) $230 Schedule
 *4 Group Lessons (1 hour) $230 Schedule
*8 Group Lessons $460 Schedule
4 Beginner Child – Age 4-6 Lessons (30 min) $200 Schedule
*Note: Please speak to your instructor for assistance in choosing an appropriate group


Private Lessons (50 min) $65 Schedule
Group Lessons (1 Hour) $60  Schedule


 Schedule Link
Beginner Rider Evaluation Lesson (Age 4-6) $55 Schedule
1x wk Private Lesson – Beg. Child – Age 4-6 Lessons (40 min) $200 Schedule
Early Learning Horse Lesson Private – Age 3-6 (single lesson) $50 Schedule
1x wk Private – Early Learning Horse Lesson – Age 3-6 40 min. $200 Schedule


Introductory Lesson (All NEW students) $70 Schedule
Therapeutic Riding Private Lesson (45 mins) $65 Schedule


Pony Ride Experience – 1 rider (30 mins) $40 Schedule
Toddler Corral – Famliy of 4 (1 hour) $65 Schedule